Homam (at devotee's home only)

  • Sri Sudarshana Homam (at Home only): $201.00

  • Sri Ganapati Homam (at Home only): $201.00

  • Sri Rudra Homa: $201.00

  • Rudra Homam + Rudra Abhisekam: $251.00

  • Sri Chandi Homam: $351.00

  • Sri Ayushya Homam: $201.00



-Please make payment AFTER inquiry has been approved.

-Inquiries can be made here: https://forms.gle/TRPmwV1bjNYss14H7

-If the puja is conducted at your home it will be your responsibility to pick-up and drop-off the priest in a timely manner. Please be prompt as our priests have other commitments. Any delays to their activities will be an extra charge.  

-A separate payment for the priest dakshina is optional and can be offered to the priest after the services.

-The current donation payment to the temple is non-refundable.

Email temple@chinmayaaustin with any questions.